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Paper Straws

PLA Degradable  Straws

​With over a trillion disposable plastic straws used globally every year, disposable plastic straws have been singled out as a result of the environment problem they pose to ecosystems and marine life. In recent years, many countries are increasingly banning the use of disposable plastic straws, thereby prompting the shift to degradable alternatives.

Advantages of SGmatec's Degradable Straws

  • In-house formulated PLA degradable material that meets degradation standards and food contact standards

  • Fully automatic production lines in dust-free workshops ensures high quality and hygiene of straws

  • Highly competitive with superior appearance, excellent user experience

  • Customisable specifications accordingly to customer needs such as flat heads, pointed heads and elbow pipes

  • Passed the following standards and can be exported directly to all over the world: GB 4806.7-2016, GB 4806.6-2016, FDA 21 CFR 175.300, (EU) NO. 10/2011

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