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Biodegradable composite materials

Over the last two decades, the rapid development of the global economy has brought unprecedented convenience to our lives. The resulting over-usage of single-use plastic products created "white pollution" and exacerbated the damage on the natural environment and ecosystems. Today, banning and restricting the use of plastics have become not only part of government legislations, but also the social responsibility of every business and consumer.

Pure degradable resins such as PLA, PBS, PBAT fail to meet the requirements of thermoplastic moulding processes and various application characteristics and are often not cost competitive. SGmatec's 100% bio-based, biodegradable material and our series of PLA and PBS degradable composites are specially formulated to solve these pain points and replace PP, PE, PS, etc, in disposable plastic products.

SGmatec will continue to develop high-quality, innovative biodegradable materials, to continually build a greener environment and a sustainable future.

The Water Degradation Test over 2 weeks

water degradatation.png

The Soil Degradation Test over 2 weeks

Our material


Other biodegradable material 


PLA Degradable


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