Re-think with
Innovative Materials

We believe that products, no matter how standard or entrenched they are, can be rethought with state-of-the-art material science and manufacturing excellence.

Together with our valued customers, we push the envelope to expand new material application boundaries, for a greener and more sustainable future.

About Us

Our Vision

To develop and produce eco-friendly composite materials and products for a more sustainable future

Our Mission

· Be a thought leader and path finder in the material innovation industry
· Become a trusted enabler to our clients in converting to eco-friendly practices
· Push tailor-made composite materials from niche to mainstream
· Encode sustainability into our DNA

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SGmatec is a material innovation company which specialises in developing and producing environmentally friendly alternatives to conventional materials with the focus of educating companies to move towards building a greener environment and sustainable future.
Our Innovation Partner
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