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Paper Straws

Targeted Applications

Straws and disposable cups are the first categories of plastic products that are banned by legislation, but the current material solution in the market is not meeting the expectation. 

​The problem with current paper straws and cups

  • Harmful additives used during the manufacturing process (KMnO4 , bleach, industrial ink, etc)

  • Non-degradable layer of PP and PE in paper cups causes environmental issue and is hard to recycle

  • Low temperature resistance hence inapplicable for hot drinks

​Our material solves those problems

  • 100% bio-degradable under natural conditions

  • Temperature resistance as high as 85°C

  • Food hygiene standard / No harmful additives

  • Up to 50% of biodegradable material used is recyclable

  • Water degradable technologies, the first ocean-friendly material


The Water Degradation Testing over 2 weeks

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